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Retail Insights, LLC works with suppliers, wholesalers and operators analyzing their sales data to extract insights, identifying quantifiable opportunities for mutual business growth that deliver straight to the bottom line. We have the experience to extract actionable insight from otherwise valueless data that can impact both the top and bottom lines of your business.


Client Spotlight


AmerisourceBergen has been a long time partner with Retail Insights, LLC so it was only natural for them to seek our guidance when dealing with an internal business process that needed to be refined. Their process required multiple departments to input and update massive amounts of data in a completely manual way.


Through a collaborative effort, we were able to properly scope out their business process from start to finish, identify inefficiencies and then automate nearly 99% of what used to be a completely manual process. 


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Cardinal Health had a challenge of collecting Point of Sale Data from all of their independently owned customers. They had tried to do this internally but soon found the task to be daunting.


Through a parternship with Retail Insigthts, LLC they were able to setup a robust data collection and reporting program for a large majority of their customers. Retail Insights worked with numerous different point of sale vendors to establish interfaces to collect daily transactional data that Cardinal Health uses to manage their business and provide insights and business coaching to their customers.

At Retail Insights, LLC, we are committed to your satisfaction when it comes to meeting your big data needs. We have partnered with many different types of businesses, from best-in-class, international conglomerates to innovative start-ups.
We have the experience to extract actionable insight from otherwise valueless data that can impact both the top and bottom lines of your business.


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