Insights for Distributors and Retailers

What We Do

Retail Insights, LLC specializes in the simplification of big data into actionable insight.

  • Customized. We take many different data feeds in different formats and bring them together to provide easily customizable reporting.
  • Simple. It’s simple to use within client web interface, and requires no software to be installed.
  • Interactive. We offer drillable reports and charts, including reports that are Excel-based and easily manipulated to allow for additional analysis.

Retail Insights, LLC starts with all of the most valuable and pertinent data and turns it into actionable insights. Such data includes: acquisition cost from suppliers, sales out/ship to customers, sell price/cost to customers, inventory/distribution center, point of sale (T-log level) and pharmacy POS/retail sales.

Bringing data to life



At Retail Insights, LLC, we are committed to your satisfaction when it comes to meeting your big data needs. We have partnered with many different types of businesses, from best-in-class, international conglomerates to innovative start-ups.
We have the experience to extract actionable insight from otherwise valueless data that can impact both the top and bottom lines of your business.

Key benefits to retailers

  • Ability to handle POS data at transaction level
  • Provide reports and tools to assist customers in growing their business
  • Ability to handle data from disparate data sources
  • Standardized hierarchy enables the category management team and supplier community to see the same view of category performance, talking the same language
  • Dashboards customizable by customer and category
  • Drill down capabilities from the dashboard down to the lowest level of the business
  • Blocking and blinding capabilities (i.e. Category Managers, customers, suppliers see only the data authorized)
  • Multiple hierarchies to view business in different ways (same store sales, field-supported stores, POG compliance, GNP stores)
  • Automatic email delivery of reports
  • Profitability by customer, brand/PL, channel, item
  • Market basket analysis
  • Inventory by DC or by store
  • Distribution tracking and voids