Insights for Manufacturers

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Retail Insights, LLC provides reports and tools to assist customers in growing their business, offers dashboards that are customizable by customer and category, drills down capabilities from the dashboard to the lowest level of the business and conducts an automatic email delivery of reports.

Manufacturers will also benefit from market basket analysis, standardized reporting templates that enable the Category Management team and supplier the same view of category performance, inventory by distribution center (DC) or by store and distribution tracking and voids.


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dashboardRetail Insights, LLC accumulates all of the actual, raw data and turns it into actionable insights by grouping it, organizing it, identifying trends and helping to benchmark industry trends against actual results.

Item data such as UPC, description and price are put into product groupings and segmentations:

  • Sub-segments and categories
  • By consumer need/disease state
  • Custom product hierarchies

Vendor data, which is listed by brand, generic and by item, is grouped by geographic factors such as area, region, district, etc. as well as store segments and clusters.

Profitability data including penny profit and margins, charge-backs and inventory levels and turns becomes customizable reporting:

  • Dashboards/scorecards
  • Item analyses
  • Promotional evaluations

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The benefits of partnership



Retail Insights, LLC works with suppliers, wholesalers and operators analyzing their sales data to extract insights, identifying quantifiable opportunities for mutual business growth that deliver straight to the bottom line. We do this with the industry’s most advanced tool Insight Manager which delivers actionable insights.

Put your data to work for you

Making sense of all of the data collected at the register has become one of the biggest challenges facing manufacturers today. RDP can assist with putting this data to the most effective and practical use.

Insights from Data Add Value

PRODUCT: Value-added insights include assortment productivity, distribution voids, category/item productivity, private label opportunities and new item penetration.

PROMOTIONS: Gain knowledge about event execution and tracking, base vs. incremental volume, promotional response/lift and promotional ROI.

PLACEMENT: Gain insights about stores not selling, inventory optimization (DC and store), planogram efficiency and store cluster opportunity.

Grow sales in independent channel

Drive execution. Track performance and results; measure and drive distribution.

Expand opportunities. Identify distribution gaps; decrease dependence on national accounts.

Improve efficiency. Optimize forecasting and planning; establish common factbase.

Improve profitability. Measure promotional ROI, optimize trade spending.